The "Stabbing" Headache.

"The third type of headache is described as a sudden, sharp pain.
One person described this as "I'm walking along and all of a sudden
I feel like someone is jamming a hot metal rod through my skull."
It is a severe pain that will nearly bring some people to their
knees by its intensity. The pain may last from a few
seconds to a minute or two. Most doctors
don't treat it because it lasts for a
very short period of time... "

this is what i've been experiencing for the last 8 months approximately...
it doesn't bring me to my knees, but it is, most certainly- shocking.
the articles i've read say that it could be caused from trauma
or injury caused to the head. and now that i think about it,
while i was in my drunken stooper months ago @ mrs. judy's i unintentionally hit my head on the stairs-hit it pretty good too cuz it was sore for a week after. who knew i'd be feeling the after affects of an injury from months; almost a year ago.
now i'm no doctor, but this describes my symptoms to a tee.
i only hope that this is what its from, because its the only thing i think it could be.
doesn't happen too terribly often, but it is noticeable.
think i should go to the doctor?

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Kelli said...

My God...MOST DEFINITELY. If that is the cause of your headaches, they need to do an MRI to confirm that you do not have a hematoma. It happened to my grandmother. Please go to the doc.